Try Hack Me

Case Studies



Outdated Stack Issues:

  • Bugs and performance issues emerged with TryHackMe’s outdated stack.
  • Expansion of the user base accentuated challenges, necessitating a rewrite.

Migration Objectives:

  • A strategic decision to rewrite using modern technologies: TypeScript, React, Next.js, TailwindCSS, and Node/Express.
  • Implementation of comprehensive testing frameworks: unit, integration, and E2E tests.

Sprint Velocity Enhancement:

  • Urgent need to expedite the migration process.
  • Primary goal: Meeting deadlines and accomplishing migration objectives within set timelines.



Collaboration Integration:

  • StrategistHub provided Senior Full Stack Engineers
    to collaborate closely.
  • Seamless integration of modern technologies and improvement of code structure.

In-depth Involvement::

  • Dedicated experts immersed themselves in TryHackMe’s norms, business logic, and coding styles.



Timely Achievement:

  • Successful meeting of migration targets within stipulated timelines.
  • Considerable time and cost savings for TryHackMe.

Enhanced User Experiences:

  • The collaborative effort resulted in improved user experiences.

Comprehensive Support:

  • TMigration support extended to documentation, Figma Design validations, peer code reviews, expert feedback, and quality assurance (QA).

Our Team


1 Team Lead

2 Full Stack Engineers

1 Quality Assurance

Tech Stack




Aura Health is a top-rated global platform in the mental wellness industry,trusted by over 8 million users.



MediGuardian is an innovative platform that simplifies caregiving through a comprehensive range of services. It centralizes the management of Medicare information, health plans, and caregiver reimbursements into a single, user-friendly interface.

The GrowHub

The GrowHub

GrowHub is an innovative online platform designed to connect businesses and Corporate South Africa, fostering sustainable and mutual economic growth, innovation, and prosperity.



Alkhidmat Foundation modernized operations with an ERP solution, enhancing efficiency and impacting over 20 million beneficiaries globally.



Chainlist innovates maintenance with social knowledge management, AI, and OpenAI-powered scheduling, fostering collaboration and productivity for users worldwide.

Try Hack Me

Try Hack Me

TryHackMe, with 2 million users globally, offers intuitive cybersecurity learning through gamified paths, catering to enthusiasts of all levels and making it a premier destination in the field.

Keller Williams

Keller Williams

Keller Williams, a global leader in real estate, pioneers innovation through cutting-edge technology, including a robust CRM system, enhancing the agent-centric experience and redefining the real estate journey worldwide.

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